Which 3/4* to BonusHero for PVE clear speed

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(All 3* champed just didn't update levels)

Also recommended teams for clearing while saving health packs?

thanks for any help!


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       I would think your quickest team would be Iron F3st, C4rol, and Thanos.  Chase purple to get black for C4rol.  Once black is fired, then try for yellow to down the enemy with most health and let Thanos do the rest.  When C4rol was my only 4*champ I had really good success with C4rol, Iron F3st, and C3ge.  It's not always super fast but the match damage will be negligible, meaning you should be able to go longer with them.  I also had really decent success with IM40, Str3nge, and R&G3.  Chase yellow and then use R&G3 green on strongest enemy and try to take him out with Str3ng's blue.  Use IM40 red on the next high threat enemy.  Try to use R&G3 for a shield when you know you're going to be hit by an enemy power and try to heal him with yellow when he's low on health.  I would suppose IM40, Str3ng, and Kamala Khan would be a good trio as well.

      As far as bonus heroes for 4*s G4mora, R&G4 and Medusa are your best team up for fast clears and limited healthpacks.  Maybe start with R&G4 so that he can be used with Str3nge and Thanos for really quick goon node clears.
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    When I was in 3-star land the team I leaned on for fast and reliable PvE goon clears was Dr. Strange, IM40, and Patch. All you need is 6 yellow for IM40's Recharge to fill up Patch's green and Strange's blue. Cast Patch's green strike tiles, then stun someone with Strange's blue. Strange's blue-stun countdown damage will start obliterating everyone with Patch's tiles buffing the damage, and his yellow passive damage will add to the slaughter if the goons drop any countdowns. If anything is left by the time IM40 wakes up from his Recharge stun, use his red to clean up.
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    Wow thanks for the great replies guys :smiley: