How I would improve the game

Clintman Posts: 757 Critical Contributor
#1. Cap how much you can lose in PVP, it is fine to let someone win huge rewards for taking me out from my #1 spot at 1200 points, but it is pretty terrible to lose 49 points to someone who started late in the tournament. I watched a Magneto tournament where Theladder was 200 points above everyone else 5 minutes before the end of the tournament, and he wasn't one of the top 2. The way that you can lose 200 points in the span of a single fight is very discouraging for feeling like there is any skill or control in PVP.

#2. Improve the resale value of covers. I played Injustice for quite a while and one of the best things they did was allow you to resell cards you already have maxed out, giving 25% or 50% of the cost back to you. This made quite a difference and mitigated the aggravation of getting **** covers from a heroic token. I have spent quite a bit of money on covers and have lost the desire to spend any more since there is a tiny chance of getting something I want, and getting 100-150 ISO in return for 150 HP makes me mad. I want to emphasize how much I do not like how this works, I play the game in spite of hating this system.

I would be inclined to spend more money if there was some way to get a decent return on bad draws, but right now the cost is too high.

I am one of the ones who make this venture profitable and I have spent quite a bit on this game, that being said this fix would make it better on free to players who we need in game to keep it fresh and have a constant flow of opponents, I do not want to have to go up against Zzzwolph, Theladder, Rithian and the rest of the crew who don't sleep all the time, its fun to hit other players. Right now though I think the random system is too punishing to keep them going.