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Vigilance /reach /defender buff

SzamszielSzamsziel Posts: 343 Mover and Shaker
In paper magic blocking is voluntary (with some exceptions of course) - the big difference to MTGPQ. However there are many cards where vigilance actually make card worse. Changing the mechanics to allow players decide if they block may be too complex. So I'd like to suggest following changes:
Defender - when this creature block it gets reinforced (only once per turn regardless of amount of blocks) until end of turn.
Vigilance - creature gets +0/+x where x is its base toughness until end of turn
Reach - if the first block is against flyer it gets reinforced, if it's not flyer it gets +0/+x until end of turn.
I understand that such change would require some modification to existing cards (collossus should become 6/6 for example).
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