Old Fogey Doesn't Know How to Play any more...

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Last ditch call for help before I decide to ditch this game...

So I started playing a few years ago, then got really bored with this game and was on hiatus for a couple years.  Maybe 2 months ago I came back to find a few new 3*s, a few new 4*s, and 5*s exist now - plus had some cache of over 100k ISO waiting for me (??)

Since coming back I've:
  1. dropped all my 1*s except Spiderman, Storm, and Ironman for DPD
  2. champed all my 2*s (except my doubled Storm/Thor/Magneto L93s, and dropped Bagman) and Ares and Wolv are already max'd
  3. I champed almost half my 3*s based on how many covers I have waiting in rewards - 9 more with full covers need avg 100k ISO each to champ, and I keep dropping Electra and dropped Gambit, want to drop Thanos, Sentry, and Vision but...
  4. 4*s are abysmal: only have half, only 3 are 2/1/1 (Invis, Kingpin, Fury) and they go down from there (I'd dropped several before leaving)
  5. only 5* is Gambit 0/2/0

I have 95 slots, all full, and I've earned what... 10 slots since returning?  Though I did also pay $9.95 for the Gamora/Kamala pack and am still earning bonus rewards from that in some fights.

I've never had good luck picking an alliance, but I'm too burnt out to keep playing as solidly as I have been, especially with events getting more and more complexified.  Though I just had my first positive run in PvP ever.

Anyway... any easy advice?


  • donpidgeon
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    Not really. I came back to this game like 6 months ago. I bought a new phone, and when wondering which applications I should install on it I remember I put some money into this game, so why not reinstall it and give it a go...

    When starting I had no idea what to do, didn't have much of the 3*s to speak of, PVE format had changed completely, progression system seemed strange, and so on. And I had a LOT of ISO from introduction of Shield ranks. Or I thought I had a lot. ;)

    I clicked on the Alliance tab and joined some alliance on random, started reading the forums to get a grip of the new meta, started to farm 2*s, sold all the 1*s I had used for DDQ previously since now all you needed was Juggernaut. Since I was short on roster space I started to sell all underperforming 4*s (1/1/1 X-Force) and 3*s I had.

    I found a great alliance on the forums. Everyone is active and social in the chat. This helps a lot with the tedium of a match-3 game.

    After getting all the interesting 3*s champed I realized (rather; was told by my alliance) I should hold off my 4* game until I had all the 3*s. Didn't have to champ them, just collect them all. Hero Points come fairly quickly, especially as a VIP. I've also spent some money on the 'deals' they had during anniversary to get more HP.

    Now I have all my 3*s rostered, I open tokens whenever I can. When I get a new 4* which I don't already have rostered, I stop opening anything until I get 1000 HP to roster them. Then the cycle restarts. I don't put ISO into any 4*s until I have them at a 'comfortable' level. Right now I have one champed 4* (C4rol) which helped me get that 10x Heroic pack last season which was a major breakthrough for me as I have only done PvP against the seed-teams and then stopped playing that event.

    PvE I play the lowest SCL which gives me a 4* character in progression. I never aim for position there. Full progressions gives some HP I can use for rostering.

    Well, that's my story...
  • gmtosca
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    I've been playing for a year now and I've made mistakes from the start by opening tokens and rostering 4s and 5s before I champed my 2s & 3s.  So my advice is 1) don't open anymore LL/CL tokens, 2) ignore your 4s and 5s for now to focus on your 2s and then 3s, and 3) once you can farm your 2 stars and you have all your 3s rostered and/or champed then that's when you think about 4* & 5*. 

    Also, like donpigeon above, my first champed 4star was C4rol and she helped me a lot when I struggled when I hit 6 months or so.