Your views on AI balance?

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I have been playing for about six months and moved up to gold tier too quickly before my card/PW selection could support it.  To compensate, I spent buku $$$ and finally got up to speed (I now have 1176 of 1445 cards).  However, I run into games where I have enormous "mana famines" on the gem board.  To the point where I have lost several games in a row with NB of all the PW because there were no gem matches in his THREE colors.  It was such a problem that had I not invested so much money I would have quit the game (Kinesia talked me off the bridge). 

I do well overall, because I have resorted to using pretty much nothing but PW with green so I can mana ramp with rishkar's expertise and hour of promise etc.  Once Ixalan's green/black PW Vraska, Relic Seeker hits I will have a PW that duals with green for every color.  My issue is that all of this seems necessary only because the gem board seems to always favor the AI, I presume to compensate for it's lack of ability to coordinate cards abilities and combos.  Am I crazy or has anyone else had this issue.  I also include other biases like placing the AI's supports on favorable gems and placing mine on vulnerable gems in this wheelhouse.
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