Marvel Insider February Activities and Rewards (2/8/18)*Updated

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UPDATE (2/22/18): For the second run of Fight for Wakanda, you can earn 20,000 Insider Points for registering your player name with them and earning a total of 12,000+ points total in the 3-day event.  Info HERE.

Hi Everyone - 

Just wanted to share really quick that our friends at Marvel Insider just posted some new Marvel Puzzle Quest activities and rewards today.

If you plan to participate in the Fight for Wakanda event and you are a Marvel Insider member, you can earn 15,000 Insider points for registering your player name with them and earning a total of 8000+ points total in the 3-day event.

There is also a new character reward to spend Insider Points on. 3-Star Thanos can be purchased with 100,000 Insider Points at Marvel Insider.

And finally, this one has been listed at Marvel Insider for a couple of months but 8500 Hero Points can be purchased with 300,000 Insider Points.

These offers are for a limited time and are sponsored by Marvel Insider. Please note the timeline on when rewards will be provided (it may take 3 - 4 weeks but hopefully much less) and if there are any issues with redemption, please reach out to Marvel Support at [email protected] or find out more about Marvel Insider HERE in their FAQ.

Thanks and have a great day!
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