Is it worth playing the Shield Simulator with champ 5*s?

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Back before I acquired some champed 5*s, I was already feeling like the hassle of slogging through the last 500 points, where it was almost entirely r&g/gamora/medusa, wasn’t really worth the one 4* cover and some farm fuel.  Now that I have some champed 5*s, it really doesn’t seem worth slogging through 2000 points of gambits.  This season I kept putting it off, due to lack of interest, and now it’s the season end and I have 60 points.  Despite America Chavez being a particularly inviting character I don’t feel like I made a bad decision.  I’ll probably skip it next season too.  

What’s other people’s thoughts on the matter?  Am I making a bad call? 


  • VizMantis
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    This post wasn’t at all meant to complain about gambit specifically.  But it is the case that the Shield Sim is particularly susceptible to endless meta, since there’s no boosted characters to bump it.  Maybe I should have done more skipping to find some non-gambit teams.  But even so, is 9 2*s, 4 3*s, a 4* and minimal other goodies worth the hassle of fighting all those 3x 5* teams, regardless of composition?  Given unlimited time, sorta?  But it seems pretty light on the cost/benefit ratio, no?
  • Quebbster
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    I mostly play the SHIELD Simulator when I get bored and there's nothing else worthwhile playing in the game (No Lightning Rounds, PvE on refresh, shielded in PvP event, and have healthpacks to spare). This time I decided to do an early push for 2000 though since I needed the Chavez cover to champ her and save the covers I had dying on the vine. It was an excellent decision because I have played her a lot since then. She pairs very well with Gambit.

    I also pushed early for Rogue since that let me unlock the SHIELD training nodes. That one cover can absolutely make a lot of difference at the right time.

    Will I push early for Kraven next season? No, probably not, he doesn't interest me. But I will absolutely get that cover sooner or later, because there will be times when I have nothing better to do than to play a couple of Sim matches.

  • Rod5
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    Yeah what quebbster said. Just skip a bit and pick the low-hanging fruit.

    Chavez is awesome though, she’s worth it.
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    If you don't complete it you're one 4* behind plus all the other rewards you skipped.  Leaving money on the table is never idea.  But at the end of the day it's your game and your life and you play the way that makes you happy.  That's what the game is for after all.  If you feel you made the right decision, then you made the right decision.
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    @VizMantis I recently jumped into 5* land and I get where you are coming from. 4* climbs with Medusa/Gamora/R&G are extremely fast and you use very few health packs (you can even go into matches with low health and Medusa will heal everyone to full). Medusa is my highest level 4*, and I would get Sim done in maybe 3-4 play sessions, usually making my final climb from ~1600 to 2000 (which is where I would tend to start taking a few hits) at the end of the season.

    I now have 3 champed 5s (including Gambit) and I didn't have a problem climbing in Sim. However, 5* matches generally take slightly longer due to the beefy health pools, and I had to use health packs on occasion depending on opponents (and luck), since I can't really use Medusa to keep my health topped off. As the season end approached and I was still trying to work on other events, Sim started to feel like a real slog.

    That said, all in all it's still a pretty easy way to get OK rewards including a guaranteed cover for a newer 4* character. I think in the future I'll just start have to take a different approach by starting earlier and doing more frequent, shorter climbs.