Please add a "disable animation" option in settings menu

Beside being boring and time consuming - especially when playing a cycling deck - it also produces hangs in some occasion: See also the "Crash when cycling with Drake Haven" thread.
I myself am playing the game only in parallel to doing something else. It takes to long a time to watch the combos of my enemy - and the AI is so weak that it does not interest me what the AI is actually doing. For my own turn it is more then annoying to watch the animations - I know what will happen - I do not need any fancy animation.

So please please please please add that disable option.


  • DBJonesDBJones Posts: 803 Critical Contributor
    I would love this! I'm not hopeful though, considering how they evaded the question in the Q&A.
  • knifelheimknifelheim Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
    Oh my god yes to this. Not just animations for summoning creatures, buffing creatures too. Playing Sorin: you gained one life that means this creature gets a buff, and this creature gets a buff, and this creature gets a buff, and this creatures summons a new creature, and then this creature's ability triggers and gives another buff... oh looky, you gained another point of life...

    Also, on the topic of cycling: can we please make cycling a card prioritize the mana attached the to the card being cycled instead of whatever card is at the top? It's annoying having to drag every card to the top of your hand before cycling it.
  • MavericknazMavericknaz Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    yes to this feedback!

    i came here, specifically to this part of the forum just to look for this and to post this if it wasn’t up already. 

    If permanently getting rid of all animations is somehow game breaking, how about permanent fast mode? The game feels much more intuitive and fast paced with fast mode. 

    It gets annoying to have to wait for every creature to die slowly 1 by 1, with the screaming sound effects and waiting for each creature death to be resolved one by one.

  • FlydecoderFlydecoder Age Unconfirmed Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
    this exists under settings... down at the bottom
    turn off Game play character effects

  • joergingerjoerginger Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
    This is one of the most needed options ever. Especially all the annoying and incredibly lenthy token animations (thopters, servos) should never even have existed in the first place. I asked for this months ago, but just like everything else that would actually be helpful, it has been ignored completely.
  • Tilwin90Tilwin90 Posts: 662 Critical Contributor
    Definitely! Mentioned this previously when I also mentioned all the slowly down and overheating of my phone because of all the crazy animations. The network doesn't heat up the phone the intense GPU processing does...
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