Assistant Commanders

I think it would be great and beneficial to the game if the person who created an alliance could promote a person, not to the same level of commander, but as an Assistant Commander, allowing the Alliance creator the ability to remove Commander abilities from a person that gets promoted and becomes an issue either by abusing their power, or just plain not playing anymore.  There could even be an option where the Alliance creator could hand over ownership of the alliance to another player if they choose to.


  • Pongie
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    Lieutenants, perhaps can accept new members if alliance is private, and can only kick regular members, and promote regular members to Lieutenants. 

    Commander can promote lieutentants to commanders and demote/kick lieutentants. 

    Alliance creator should be Captain. There can only ever be 1 captain. Captain can promote another to captain but in doing so, will lose their own captain status. Captain can promote/kick commanders
  • Quebbster
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    FWIW Customer Service has been able to demote inactive commanders in the past. Submit a ticket and see if they will help you. They will not demote the alliance creator though.
    I don't think they can help out with commanders that are active but abusing their power though. Best way to handle that would probably be to start an alternate alliance and move everyone but the abusive commander there...