Any other girls who play this?

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Not trying to ruin the sausagefest or anything. Just curious.


  • DninotDninot Posts: 214
    Tried to get my girlfriend started, but she finds the game too stressful and rather stick to Candy Crush.
  • IceIXIceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,551 Site Admin
    More stressful than Candy Crush? The game that has number of required moves measured against tile drop odds so closely that every single level is a nail biter later on? I think your girlfriend may moonlight as an air traffic controller. icon_e_smile.gif
  • DninotDninot Posts: 214
    The way she puts it, Candy Crush can be annoying. She's tried MPQ about a dozen times now, and she freaks out because she doesn't like that she's getting "attacked" by the game.

    And this is just on PvE levels.
  • LOL, bless her heart. Maybe she just doesn't like violence?

    I feel like candy crush is more luck based (obviously once you figure out what each of the special tiles do), and while MPQ has a bit to do with luck it's more skill based than candy crush, I'd say.

    I'm a unicorn. icon_e_sad.gif
  • There seem to be a couple on my FB friends list, but I don't think they post here...
  • At least one of them does icon_e_wink.gif
  • Really late to the party, but sup.

    I don't personally know any other girls who play it though. icon_e_sad.gif
    It'd be cool if there were any statistics on the number of female players though, just for kicks.
  • I play! A lot icon_e_smile.gif I got hooked on the original PQ games for 360, and when I finally found one that eould run on my LG, I jumped immediately! That being said, I regularly drain my phone battery playing!
  • Well, you ladies just had the opportunity to play in an all-female character tournament this weekend.

    And boy howdy, was it ever a barn-burner icon_e_wink.gif
  • I play and I believe I fall into the girl category. I was born with girl parts.
  • My gf plays on my account sometimes. Trying to get her more into it.
  • I play it and I'm adicted to it icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • I am a girl! Unity is also.
  • over_clockedover_clocked Posts: 3,961
    ditto born with the girl parts, howdy ladies icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Also a lady player~
  • Yep, woman here, totally addicted.
  • Yes! Me too!
  • erakbggerakbgg Age Unconfirmed Posts: 62 Match Maker
    My wife and I play far too much for our own good. It's a good thing we have our own tablets.
  • I don't have girl parts but sometimes i dream that i do. I like those dreams.
  • I don't have girl parts but sometimes i dream that i do. I like those dreams.

    Oh, are you trans? Very cool.
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