MPQ game on two different phones

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I've been playing 4/A good while now, and never had a reason to ask this. I'm having some problems with my Note5 freezing up, until I fix the problem can I use my Note3 to play, without taking the game off my Note5. I would have played mpq on my Note3 with all my other games, but I sometimes play mpq while away from Hm. 


  • Quebbster
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    I do Believe it is possible to play the game on two different devices, though I do not do so myself.

    My understanding is also that it is important to Close the game entirely on one device Before opening it on Another.

  • Heaka75
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    I know for me on Android, it's tied to my Google Play account. As long as I'm signed in I can play on my phone or tablet.

  • Waddles_Pines
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    I have mine backed up to Facebook (dummy account) so that I can play on two different devices (Ipad at home and Android Phone during my commute).  99.9% of the time it works fine switching between two devices.  For reference I switch devices all the time during the work week.

    Sometimes there is a syncing issue between the device and the game servers.  I've had small hiccups (lost a token or two) and 1 giant one where I lost a whole hours play. 

    If you notice anything funny after switching devices, just contact customer service inapp and they should be able to restore your progress if you give them a thorough account of what happened.

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    I play primarily on a Kindle Fire, but also have the game on my Android phone. I rarely, if ever, have issues switching between them, backed up through Facebook. 

    As others have mentioned, always, always, always force close the app on one device before starting it on a second one. 
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    Thxs guys