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I played a couple of years ago, lost my account and started a new one about 2 months ago. I have 75 roster slots. 5-1 cover 5*s,  3 -1*s, 4 - champ 3 *s, 6- champ 2*s, the rest is a mix of 2,3, and 4 *s in various stages of completion.  How do I fix my botched progression. Do I need to get rid of some higher *s to get all the 2 and 3 * on my roster to champ them and build from there? I'm just kind of lost in a mess now.


  • TPF Alexis
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    I would focus on the 3* at this point, since you have a couple of them champed. It's cheap enough to keep the 2* you have going, and they'll help build some of the 3*, so I'd stick with them, but don't go out of your way to add to them. Only spend ISO on 2* or 3* who are ready to champ, with the exception of a handful of top-level characters (e.g. Strange is worth leveling if he has 5 yellow, even if he's short on the other two colours).

    As far as Roster space goes, your 1* are an easy place to free up a couple of slots: Iron Man, Spidey, and Juggs are all capable of soloing the 1* Node in DDQ. Single-cover 4* are also pretty reasonable to cut, as are low-covered 4* who have been featured recently. I would try not to ditch any of the 5*. They are Required at SCL7 and above, and unlike the lower-tier Required Characters, are difficult or impossible to reliably acquire. Also, they no longer mess up your scaling, and their match damage can be handy in some situations. Still, don't spend HP on anything other than Roster Slots.

    Key points on resources:
    - Don't spend ISO on anyone unless they're ready to Champ, or top-tier and at least moderately covered, with good coverage in their best power.
    - Don't spend HP on anything other than Roster Slots. This will hold true until you're up around 140 or so.
    - Don't spend CP to buy cover packs, or open Legendary Tokens. Maybe also hold on to Heroics even if you're in a major resource crunch at the moment. Usually best not to spend CP at all at this stage, but it can sometimes be worth it to buy a couple of covers directly to Champ a good 3* when you have Covers about to expire.