I Have IDEAS!! (Duplicate covers)

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So duplicate covers are an annoying. What's worse is that we can't do anything with them unless that cover is a 5 :star: in the latest legends pool. Adding insult to injury is that the 5s sell for stupid and infuriating 2000 ISO. ****??? The first fix I would implement is adding a classics token in addition to the 2000 ISO. You may get another 5 :star: but you can at least trade a worthless 5 and receive a useable 4, or if you hit the RNGesus jackpot, a useable 5! This isn't as popular as a colorless cover, but it helps ease that searing pain of getting a 5 :star: cover only to realize that it's useless to you.

With 5s now solved (It solves it, right? That's a damn good solution!), we turn to 4s. This is more complicated. While I think this should also include a classic legendary token, I don't think the devs will ever view that as practical. Again tho, the selling price of just 1000 ISO is just bad. I believe we should be also able to receive 100 hero points and 1 command point as well. I'd rather have 5-10, but let's be realistic. 1 CP is probably the best we can manage.

As for the duplicate 3 :star: covers, duplicates aren't as big a problem as most of the player base don't have an issue here. However, for those new players that it does affect, the selling price should include 1 elite token and maybe 10 hero points. I think the ISO only for selling covers is just bad and needs adjusting.

So anyways, that's my suggestion on how to improve selling duplicate covers. Tell me what you think! What can be improved (realistically) and what is just a bad idea! Let's see if we can influence the devs and actually get some change for these awful duplicate sell rates!


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    I like your ideas!

    I also thought a bit about it. I try to play regularly, even spend money from times to times! But I definitively don't play as much as some players who manage to champ new heroes so fast. So I also struggle getting 4* and 5* and always look forward to see which one I get! But how frustrating and infuriating it is when you get a cover than you already maxed out in one character (and doesn't have any covers for the other colors!). Right now I have to give up 3 hardly earned 4* covers, because they are maxed out. but the other colors have nothing..

    But enough complaining, let's talk about ideas!

    I will only focus on the 4' here. I also agree with you: the devs will NEVER grant a Legendary token :D The reward could get bigger than what you had before, and even if I think that would be alright, I think there is shortfall for them, and everything is about money nowadays.
    As you point it out, the selling price is a joke, regarding the effort needed to earn one 4*, so adding 100 HP and 1 CP in addition to the 1000 ISO would be OK. I even think that the ISO amount could be raised to 2000.

    If I may, I will tell the idea I have for the 4*:
    I was thinking about an option to change its color, to the ones you are missing. at a cost of  1000 HP (or maybe even 2000? or more?).

    This could be a win-win situation: the frustration would go away (I already stopped playing this game for almost 3 years due to accumulating frustration) and having a duplicate wouldn't be such a burden anymore (because to be honest it arrives quite often), and D3 would/could get money by selling some HP.

    Again I'm about to sell three 4* because ONE color is maxed and the others have none, just building up my frustration, little by little. But great, I'll get 3000 ISO to spend on... well... I don't know..
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