Roster analysis ( continued from other thread )

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So this is a spin off my other thread which kind of got derailed by discussions about how freakish my roster is.

I took a bit of time to update my roster on gamepedium to get the data out there. If anyone has questions on what happened, please ask.


  • CharlieCroker
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    The most pertinent comment I have is that your roster demonstrates how bad it can be for newer players without vaulting.

    If all or most of your Latest pulls had been when vaulting was still a thing, you could potentially (iso permitting) have had several fully covered/champed 4*s rather than between 1-7 covers for nearly all the 4*s out there.

    My advice would be keep opening LT's until you have 13 for Daredevil then stop until he leaves packs.  Make one 4* your sole BH until you get them covered then move onto another and so on.  It may take a while, but with the well covered Daredevil you already have an excellent platform to build from.

    Lots of 4*s will mesh well with Daredevil, especially those who can stun and/or create Attack Tiles.  Gamora can do both, but off the top of my head other good candidates include Moon Knight, Cloak & Dagger and Medusa.