Any special tips on Avacyn's Madness?

Llorence Posts: 31 Just Dropped In
anything tips on beating Avacyn?


  • EldrosKandar
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    I personally went with Koth Red and was lucky to draw my Olivia on time to keep me afloat while the aggression of a Koth deck dealt the last damages.

    So my tip would be to have a mix of lifegain, board clear and control element with one big finisher, which would make you not too reliant on the board. Sorin, or Ob Nixilis burn might be a good there. If Avacyn (the creature) is on the board kill her first.
  • wereotter
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    Running a variation of an "Insidious Starfield" deck for her. Starfield of Nyx, Insidious Will, Thopter Spy Network, Cast Out are the main supports, Then I rely on Kefnet and Oketra to bait out her loyalty abilities without losing any creatures. Kefnet and Oketra won't take damage from her ability, and when you get 4 thopters a turn from Thopter Spy Network, you'll outpace her ability to damage your creatures.

    It doesn't win either of the secondary objectives, but it does let you cheese your way past your abilities.
  • julianus
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    This will be boring, but cycling works very well.

    I've used a New Perspective + Drake cycling deck to win, along with Cast Out and Ondu Rising for occasional lifelink on the drakes to get the objective. I'd think a Faith of the Devoted deck with Tezz 2 would also work well.