Make Tutorial Optional

CairoJXPCairoJXP Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
The tutorial overall is helpful, but waaaaaaay too long! You should have the option to skip or exit it and come back to it as you see fit. Many people prefer to learn on their own and then use support as they see fit. Forcing the user to do that may very well turn them away from playing the game.


  • Smart80Smart80 Posts: 748 Critical Contributor
    Its been awhile, but didnt it give you the first toons you cant do without?
  • CairoJXPCairoJXP Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Smart80: I'm not sure, I'm on day 1326. After the tutorial you have a few characters by default, but you shouldn't have to go through the tutorial to get those characters. You need characters to play the game as is, so they should be the default regardless of the tutorial.
  • Smart80Smart80 Posts: 748 Critical Contributor
    I think you need to figure out how quotes work, cause now you made me say something i havent said... ;-)

     Im around day 1300, so im not sure why we even care, unless you creating 2nd account, but its part of roster building, so dont see the problem. And disagree everything thats needed, should just be given, instead of earned...
  • CairoJXPCairoJXP Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Ah! My bad. I just started using the forum. Didn't see the vertical bar assigned to the quote. Meant to just tag you in my reply (granted you're the only person in this discussion besides me currently).

    I do see your point about earning vs. being given pieces of the game and it's a valid point. I guess overall it'd be nice if they could consolidate the tutorial so it's not as long. I don't see too much harm in giving a 1* character with one cover (considering it's so easy to get 1* characters as is through the tokens and bonus rewards).

    I only care per se because when I've recommended the game to some I know, they complained about the tutorial just like I did, so I can't imagine it's not an issue for others, or a factor that may dissuade people from playing who have just downloaded it.
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