0/37 on latest legends + legendary event tokens. Did I upset someone?

I've drawn 37 tokens since my last big open, trying to finish off Gambit and Daredevil, I've opened no legendary tokens in 37 pulls.

0/37 = 6/7^37 or 0.3% probability. I know that they are all successive, but this is really improbable. I've had runs of 12-15 before without opening a latest legend, but I've never had a run like this. Think I should contact support?


  • Dogface
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    I think it's just bad luck. To the extreme perhaps, but still just bad luck. Ofcourse you're free to contact support. 
  • BoyWonder1914
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    They're probably not going to do much but re-emphasize that the odds are what they are, and the store is working as intended. You've probably seen a lot of people around here say things like "RnGesus is fickle" and similar expressions, but it's true. Everyone's gone through at least one really bad stretch before, and more often than not, this evens out with you having a really good run at some point. 

    For example as of this morning, I had no idea when was the last time I pulled a 3-star from a standard token. I earn anywhere between 7-12 between my PVE clears for the day and DDQ, as well as whatever facebook drops I get that morning. I ended up pulling 3 3-stars from my batch of standards this morning. None of them were back-to-back, but still being that close in succession is quite the anomaly. It's like pulling heroics, and getting a 4-star on back-to-back pulls, which by the way, has happened to me before too. Stories like yours are why people hoard such large amounts of LTs and CP in the first place, I'm sorry to hear about the bad luck. 
  • Bowgentle
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    I've had 3 or 4 runs of 0/40+.
    It happens.
  • Calnexin
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    Someone has to have the worst luck in the game.  This month, it's you!  Congratulations!
  • Starfury
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    You've said it yourself. It's a 0.3% chance.

    To put it in another way: Every time you open an LT, there's a 1/300 chance of this token being the first in a 37 pull streak of 4*. There's also a 0.3% chance of this being the start of a streak of three 5* in a row.

    Or in yet another way: Like pulling a 3* followed by a 2* from two standard tokens.
  • evade420
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    ive gone close to 60 pulls before without a 5*... it sucks
  • Hendross
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    Someone else went 12/37 to keep the world in balance, for that we thank you.
  • madoctor
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    I have gone 0/60 before. And my net pull rate is almost at 15%.

    Your luck will come back soon, don't worry.

    Either that or you've had crazy good luck before
  • smkspy
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    Streak breakers would go a very very long way towards these types of situations. A disgruntled player is a potential lost customer.

    Not saying they should give away the bank, but if the odds say 1:7, then it isn't unreasonable to except two 5s from 30+ pulls.

    Even a ten pack option with the tenth being a guaranteed 5 would be something towards good will.
  • DrDevilDinosaur
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    I just mentioned my recent streak story in the roster update thread.

    I was 0/100 on latest legends and then suddenly 6/106. Let me tell you, pulling 6 5* covers in a row is fun, but 0 from 100 was depressing and I think I'd rather just hit the average consistently.

  • Daiches
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    You don't understand how pulls work. Your string order of 4s and 5s is fixed, seeded by a number. Which exact 4 and 5 changes as characters enter and leave the tokens, but not what you pull. You are just in a dry patch. But I guarantee you, you will be 15% lifetime. Keep a tally. You'll see. I'm still 15% after 2250 recorded pulls, and I've had some bad bad streaks too.
  • LifeofAgony
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    Almost 1650 pulls tracked, 16.2% but that’s had some pretty big peaks and valleys of things like 5:7 and 0:30+

    Just the whims or RnG.
  • broll
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    You should probably sacrifice a digitial goat to RNGsus just to be sure...
  • madoctor
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    broll said:
    You should probably sacrifice a digitial goat to RNGsus just to be sure...
    FYI, broll's paraphrasing.

    Buy starks
  • Nick441234
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    I bring you a digital goat. The game was awful too, so do as you please. 
  • Team_Jacob
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    Hahaha! Thanks for the support everyone. Persevering for now.