Xandars Heroes (FULL -- please close)

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Looking for a casual group? Love to play but hate that constant "you must perform or put up X points?" 
 Xandars Heroes is the place to be. We are a newer group and while pve is our focus, we do know how life can be....so the only real request we have is daily play...(gotta get that daily supply)...
 Otherwise we're a great guild who has veterans if you have questions, and newer players who came up with cool solutions of their own...either way we are always up for a chat ....game or not.

Private alliance, just ask and we will welcome you in!

...unless you are Kree scum, in which case Yondu has a song for you (and if you get that reference, your automatically in).

Just request in game or message me (Magere) here.

UPDATE! Only 3 slots left!
**NEW UPDATE -- all full, thank you one and all**
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