Versus CLs and rewards

Jwallyr Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
So I'm looking at the Shield Simulator rewards for this Versus season, and comparing the various brackets. There is no placement, so the only rewards are progression. The only differences I can see from CL to CL is which two-star camp covers are rewarded, and a tiny bump to the ISO rewards (less than the amount awarded for simply playing another game). There don't seem to be more 3* covers at higher tiers, and there's only the one 4* cover at the very top which I'm not going to be troubling myself to get.

Is there any purpose at all in the different CLs here? I really want to get my 2nd copy of 2* Storm champed (leaving one copy maxed for 2* DPD and other occasional uses) so the rewards at the lowest CL seem to offer more covers for her. No gain in HP, there is no CP reward, tokens stay the same, yada yada. If I *really* care about not getting that one throwaway 1* cover I can bump up a notch, but I actually get fewer covers for Storm and instead get Bullseye covers that aren't super interesting.

Part of the issue here is that I understand that the point totals are universal across the entire participating playerbase, so it's not as though it's harder to get to 1000 points on CL 9 vs CL 1, you're just never going to get there if your roster isn't good enough to get you up to that arbitrary score point. (Utterly broken garbage PvP system, by the way.)

In other Versus events, obviously you have to pick your CL based on where you can land yourself (based on roster, etc.) because there are additional rewards for being top 10 (covers, more tokens), even if higher CLs offer increased HP rewards at lower placements. (Progression rewards are still utterly broken but w/e.) I've been pretty regularly placing top 10 in those events, so I feel pretty good about gauging my ability to be competitive there.

Am I missing anything here? CL for Shield Sim basically doesn't matter, and I should just pick whichever one has the mix of covers that I want the most?