best teams for Apocalypse event

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What teams are best for Apocalypse event?

Not just all 4 star teams, that's mostly okay for me.  But my alliance has folk buildng the rosters...  so mixed 3/4 stars and 3 stars only


  • TPF Alexis
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    I think my go-to this time is going to be Riri, C4rol, IM40.

    As a general thing, you're going to want someone with some board control/shake to get rid of the Attack tiles (to clear the Pestilence tile) and Death countdowns. Stealing can work for the Attacks as well. Teen Jean, Quicksilver, SWitch, Storm, Strange, Loki, GSBW, 3*Doc Ock, etc.

    If you can set up a team with someone to generate AP in your strongest colour, that can help get rid of the Famine tile faster than just trying to outpace it with your matches. Depending on who has your strongest colour, there are a ton of specific possibilities such as SWitch, GSBW, IM40, MNMags, Cloak&Dagger, Hawkguy, Vulture, etc. Or you could go with someone like Mockingbird who specifically adds to your strongest colour.

    Finally, you want a good nuke, or solid sustained damage (Strike tiles or something like that) to clear off the War tile so he stops healing. Riri, Cage (either), Iron Fist (either), Patch, IM40, IMHB, Cyclops, Gwenpool, etc.

    For mine, C4rol is strongest, so highest colours match, giving me both the AP generation for Famine and bursts of damage, plus setting up her strikes and eventual nuke. IM40 is mostly just there to fuel Riri, whose blue is a pretty good board shake, and her red is an excellent nuke when there's only one Opponent.
  • dadows
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    Vulture - generates AP with black, blue power removes special tiles and countdowns
    Rogue - resists damage, takes black away and increases AP for black matches with green power, nukes once black AP hits 15
    C4rol - generates green AP, has strong nuke

    I have animations off but through round 4 he just seems to die a few turns in, from Rogue or one fell swoop.
  • jtsings
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       I know this was posted elsewhere but this forum can be kind of bear to find a previous topic, at least for me.  Three 3* teams come to mind for me. 

    1)  Potentially fastest team IM40, Patch and R&G3.  Patch and R&G3 for self healing and try to hit Patch's green and red while IM40 is airborne after a recharge so Patch will have more tiles on the board and do more damage.  He'll do over 10k damage when he's got most of the tiles on the board. 

    2)  Scarlet Witch, C3ge and Iron F3st.  SW generates purple for IF3.  Use IF3 purple once or ideally twice once you get to 12 black and double shot Cages black to take him down.  C3ge will also help with keeping the match damage down as well. 

    3) an interesting one I didn't have much success with but worked for some was H3lk, Kamala Khan, and Quicksilver(or other 3* that doesn't tank Hulks colors).  Try to make sure hulk takes most of the damage and keep spamming hulks green power to get the team healed up.  (Quicksilver is ideal because he can exchange tiles to get rid of the death tiles).

       My go to team so far, because I have C4rol champed, is C4rol, IF3, and C3ge.  Cage prevents match damage from strike tiles.  Collect yellow and use IF3 to get you to 8 black and one shot Apocalypse (at least in the lower levels) 
  • Dormammu
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    There's two strategies you can go with: Wear him down by getting rid of the Four Horseman, or nuke all his health in one turn.

    3-Star teams want to bring Cyclops, Iron Fist, and IM40. The latter two will feed Cyclops what he needs to nuke the tinykitty out of Apocalypse. Set IM40's blue to 5 for another source of damage if you can wait out his stun. Later, when it gets harder to nuke him in one turn you'll want to grab tile manipulators and stealers, like Quicksilver or Loki. If you use Loki, bring IF along again to feed Loki black.

    4-star teams will have an easier time nuking Apocalypse into the later rounds. I'll be using either 4Cyke (boosted) or Riri, Teen Jean (boosted), and IM40 for as long as that's working. Tile theft works well with Electra or Medusa too, but Teen Jean's purple is really the way to go, with her boosted, when you want to go with the whittle-him-down strategy. Hulkbuster is another feasible nuke at the 4-star level that I had success with last time; I brought 3Cyke and 3Fist to feed HB red and black until he had enough red to one-shot Apocalypse
  • Addaran
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    Lower level team that works well for me atm. Probably will be good for till round 5-6 or more.

    2* Magneto, 3* Dr Strange and Quicksilver.

    My highest color is blue, wich Magneto's purple will give a lot when i'm ready. Quicksilver's black can help get rid of an annoying attack tiles or death countdown. Magneto's red (or blue if maxed) can clear most/all the map.

    You also have lots of damage for when it's time to kill him ( quicksilver's free aoe, strange's blue and yellow, magneto's red)

    Or if the board is annoying, i just get as much green as i can. With enough Quicksilver tile, it's only 5 green to do decent damage. Wait for him to receive flames of faultines, use magneto's purple to make lots of 3-blue-match then spam up to 6 of quicksilver's green. Dead in one round, if you couldn't keep up with the stupid attack tiles or if some death counters were about to go.
  • broll
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    C&D, Vulture, any character with strong damage (you want to make sure you highest damage color is one Vulture feeds)

    C&D builds up Vulture's black quickly and safe guards against bad boards.
    Vulture's black helps build up AP to beat Famine.
    Vulture's blue helps kill special tiles (and the insta-death countdowns) to beat Pestilence.
    Once Vulture is going you can switch C&D to yellow for self-heals / building her yellow ability up.
    C&D and Vulture shouldn't take hardly any damage at all and/or heal it all.  

    EDIT:  I've landed on Rogue for my damage dealer.  She has strong damage mitigation and it's not to hard to get power siphon to boom when Apocalypse strongest color is black and both support characters build black.
  • Blackstone
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    It may not be the best team listed here, by the numbers......

    But, Mockingbird, PunMax, and IM40 is the most fun team I've played in a long time, and have been putting Apoc down like it's their job, for me. 
  • Angelinlove92
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    a good 3* team, is also wolverine, daken, falcon,

    with wolverine top and daken lowest, they can abrosb the damage with their regeneration ability,
    falcon is good for protect tiles and for neutralize the black countdown tiles from apocalypse

  • broll
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    Holy signature!  Geez, can you take up more of my screen please @Angelinlove92

  • Heartbreaksoup
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    I'm mostly 3* and am having the most luck with Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Dr Strange.

    I had a deeply weird board earlier today that was dropping almost no purple whatsoever, but green out the wazoo.  I was matching four or five greens just about every turn.  Before I knew it, I had 30 AP in green and used Quicksilver's "Fists of Fury" on Apocalypse four times in a row, KOing him.  I understand from other players with more powerful characters that Apocalypse can be taken down with one mighty blow before he can regenerate, but it's nice to see that 3* characters can do it too given the right circumstances!
  • Angelinlove92
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    hi guys,
    someone tried Gamora against Apocalypse?

    i want to know if she could kill him with her black passive
  • TPF Alexis
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    hi guys,
    someone tried Gamora against Apocalypse?

    i want to know if she could kill him with her black passive
    Yes, she can. It's awesome :smiley:
  • OrionKannan
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    I've been using Riri, XF Wolverine, and Cloak & Dagger.
    C&D place black tiles for XF, Riri is on her own for getting blue/red.
    Only on round 5 right now, but Surgical Strike and Remote Control Gauntlets take down Apoc no matter how many horsemen tiles are on the board.

    Only issue is denying red when trying to collect black and blue.
  • donpidgeon
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    Same team as last time and mentioned above. Still haven't moved to 4* land so stuck with 3*s. Easier this time as Quicksilver is champed which he wasn't last time.

    A 3* team which is solid for round 8 is Hulk, Khan and Quicksilver.

    Hulk uses green to shake the board to kill death countdowns. Other than that, his job is standing in front taking damage. In the beginning this will give you 2-3 anger countdowns. This will remove the Famine horseman on round 2. Round 3 guaranteed. Now you have to get lucky. You haven't had time to get black, and only have a few rounds to get enough green to shake that black to somewhere where you can make it go away. Thankfully, you will get lots of anger from attack tiles to make this possible. Several attack tiles will also go away due to 4-match row clears.

    Now you can start using the green to spam Quicksilver Fist of Fury. This will give you two things, Damage against the War horseman and lots of healing for Hulk. And he does need that healing. Added lock tiles reduces the price for tile swapping to use when either War or Pestilence goes down. Also, it makes the Fists even cheaper so even more healing.

    Khan is there for healing and to put out more green. You can use her Pink for either making 4-match row clears (to take out death countdowns or strike tiles) or remove red. Never give Apoc Red. NEVER. You can have dozens of opportunities, but the only thing that is more important than matching red is matching a death countdown. Use QS black if there is two red matches on board to remove one of them without giving up a turn.

    When Apoc gets red, QS will HURT. Once is OK. But avoid anyway.

    When all horsemen is down, you just use QS Fists. They are much cheaper than Hulks boardshake and gives you a more predictable board. If there is less than 10 green, you can use Hulks red, although it doesn't do much. It will take some time, but Khan will keep the healing up so unless Apoc gets lucky and crit-matches black, you will be OK.

    This team lost twice during a full progression for me. I tried some other teams during the lower rounds, but this is the team that has worked for me the best. Once was because I couldn't match a death countdown so I lost Khan on the last horseman. Once was when Apoc got crit-happy and downed about everyone in one turn.
  • sambrookjm
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    On a whim, I tried a 3-star team of Kamala Khan, She-Hulk, and Hood.  Steal ALL the AP!  The biggest problem was getting enough blue, as (surprisingly) that was the most powerful AP for that team.  Between Hood and She Hulk's green (which should be at 5.  Use this instead of KK's Green) Apoc should never reach any reasonable amount of AP.  Kamala Khan is there for healing, since Hood is very squishy.  Use She Hulk red for damage,

    Once you get the blue (again, that's the hardest part with this team) the match should go very easily.