You have to fix pvp

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In order to achieve top rewards in story mode, you need to achieve 5/6 per node.... not max capacity in every node... heck you can even miss the first day and get there if you play the other days to capacity.

To achieve the top tier prize in pvp is... a pipe dream for most... no matter how hard you play.
To achieve 900, unless you have a fully champed 5star charactee or two... ask anyone and the answer is... play to around 600... then shield... come off a shield to try and get to 700... then shield... hop to 750... 800... and so on with declining values of opponents.

That is ridiculous... how do you do well in pvp??? Well whatever you do dont actually fight other players in versus mode.... what the hell are you thinking...

The wins thing didnt work... but it doesnt need to be that... you just have to...
Block multiple simultaneous attacks
Let people who are battling get substantially more points per win... at 820 I go into a battle for 42 points and win finishing lower than I started because I got hit by 2 people for a combined 80 points.

The fact that that can happen is ridiculous.
In the time it took me to wrote this I lost another 93.

How ablut doubling the points we get and half the points we lose... give ua a chance.

How hard can it be to figure out that people should be able to get the awards when they win battles... people will still fight amd shield for.rank... maybe reduce the retaliations until you hit top.prize but this current set up is [insert expletive here].