Prize suggestion for PvE placement

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 778 Critical Contributor
In SCL8, 1st place gets three 4* covers, 2-5 get three 4* covers, and 6-10 get...three two 4* covers. Ok, so, following that quasi-series, finishing 11-20 should get you one 4* cover, and given that a T50 finish in SCL9 does reward you with one 4* cover, it is a logical assumption that finishing 11-20 in SCL8 should get you a 4* cover...but it doesn't; you get three 3* covers.

Suggestion: Change the reward structure so an 11-20 finish in SCL8 rewards a 4* cover instead of 3* covers.

edit because I'm a doofus.
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