Praise: Event schedules

tfg76 Posts: 258 Mover and Shaker

For once, a positive post!

Just wanted to say that I find the changes to the event schedules recently to be a great improvement. Though we can't be sure that the current schedule is actually intended as a pattern (or if it's a bit random), but to me the following schedule seems perfect:

Weekdays: Some PVEs, non-coalition standard event, 2 non-coalition legacy events
Weekend: Alternating HoD or equivalent and ROGP or equivalent

Most people have some more time to dedicate to the game during weekends, and so it's great to have these higher-profile, higher-reward events showing there. Also, I love the frequency of HoD recently, even though the stress level is a bit tough.

Now we just have to get some fixes to the end times (longer-running last charge) and we're all good :)


  • fiirst
    fiirst Posts: 438 Mover and Shaker
    i wish they shorten all event duration... with smaller reward is okay...
  • TomB
    TomB Posts: 269 Mover and Shaker
    I'm still hoping for a consistent schedule that includes a coalition event during the week as well as (at least) one during the weekend, and usually having a Standard and a Legacy event running (or at least getting ready to start) together at ALL times... :)