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Which 4* should l champed next?

Melovingu1Melovingu1 Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
I'm a up & coming mpq player, Well into my 4* transition. I hav 17 Champ 4*s. I'm getting ready to cash in my first 2* Iso farm. 
That's all but, Wolverine/Daken/Ares. They are 4/D.P.D.
That gives me 650,000 raw iso's with 100+k playable iso's.        These are on Death Row      Here's my delim all 4*s                                                                            From 2-12 Days
Thor-305,508                      king-Pin-300,419                                              X-23                  
Venom(eddie)-300,419     Invisible Woman-215,876                               Nova   
Rocket&Groot-224,566     Winter Soldier-362,438                                    Luke Cage
Devil Dinosaur-305,508    X-23-355,591                                                     Venom(eddie) 
Luke Cage-266,782           Ant-Man-289,160                                              Sandman 
Sandman-365,821            Carange-305,508                                               Thor
Venom(agent)-357,055    Deadpool-322,720
Cyclops-202,745                Nova-349,159
I've been pondering this situation for a wk.now. Need help trying to maximize my ISO & get the best character champed. Looked 4/a Champ roster didn't find 1. Well given much thxs.    #4SomeHelp.             


  • SambucaSambuca Posts: 34 Just Dropped In
    (1) Rocket & Groot for sure.  Teams up well with Gamora & Medusa.  If you don't have any Guardians of the Galaxy 4*s, then I'd also champ Yondu to get the bonus damage on R&G's starting attack tiles.  Hopefully you've already got either Gamora or Star-Lord though (or Drax).

    (2) This is trickier.  Thor and Cyclops are both solid Red/Yellow/Blue users, which means that you can use them with IM40 and they will tank all of his colors and not take any damage.

    Or Carnage is useful with Medusa since you can match the friendly tiles he generates for healing or the enemy tiles for AP generation.

    Deadpool, Nova, and Luke Cage are also pretty fun and useful, but the rest of the ones on your list are less so.

    Hope this helps!
  • dudethtsawesomedudethtsawesome Posts: 164 Tile Toppler
    edited December 2017
    When I was first transitioning into the 4* tier, I used this guide a lot when deciding who to champ. 


    Daywalker is usually spot on who will be buffed so I would check out who could be up for the next cycle and start working on them.  My goal was to have at least 2 champed 4*s every week. 

    Looking at your list though, I would go with Rocket and Groot first also with Cyclops next.  Thor and Nova should be high up also since they are really great when boosted.  The rest, I'd wait on until you're through with the better ones or have too many covers pending. 

  • Huntah86Huntah86 Posts: 201 Tile Toppler
    I agree that Grocket should be your main priority and then maybe Cyclops.  I'm a big fan of Agent Venom though, I think he's very underrated. 
  • Melovingu1Melovingu1 Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
    Thxs 2 u all > that's why I luv this forum 
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