Weekend Events length

MDsupa Posts: 124 Tile Toppler
Ok, another whining thread on schedule.

Can we please NOT have Hour of Devestation last this long?  It's suppose to be Weekend event.  It started 10AM PST on Friday and end Monday 10AM PST for me.  that's both Friday and Monday.  that's not Weekend.

This doesn't help that there's also another weekend event going on.  and you know Bolas event is going to last to Monday evening too.

Some of US do need to do other things, especially day job we have to do.

How about making HoD starts on Friday 10Am PST (like now.. for other region)  but end Sunday 10PM PST?
You guys going to need to reduce more HP on Bolas again.  


  • bk1234
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    I think Bolas' health is more a reflection of how many people are playing and not what it is set at. This is something they cannot control. The last three weekends with people having to grind 2 events, he went much slower -- this weekend he is fading at a much faster pace because it's the only thing we have to play right now. 
  • MDsupa
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    i'm aware of that.  and that's why they need to consider when there's more than one events on weekend to set the HP properly.