Break loops -> each card only 4 times in the deck

Wasn't there the restriction to have the same card only 4 times in a deck?
The latest endless loops (or nearly endless) work all the same:
One specific card is needed endless times.
And the decks seem to contain them endless times.

If these cards where only 4 (or n) times in the deck - the endless loop would not be possible!


  • wereotterwereotter Posts: 1,265 Chairperson of the Boards
    Are they fetching the card?

    Kiora, Arlinn, and Saheeli can all fetch creatures with their abilities.

    The game is supposed to create a 40 card deck to work from, then when either you draw all the cards in that deck, or you would attempt to pull a card that does not exist in the remaining cards, the game creates another 40-card deck to sit underneath the existing one.

    As a result certain exploits have been made that allow you to only have one creature in a deck, yet tutor up more than 4 copies of it before you'd normally be able to draw into them.
  • FindingHeart8FindingHeart8 Posts: 420 Mover and Shaker
    Yeah if there was only 4 copies of each card in the deck, you'd have to change the entire format of how MTGPQ is played
  • sutoLkcalBsutoLkcalB Posts: 57 Match Maker
    Yep. It would of course have other effects too. But at least a lot of this loops would not work anymore. Other abilities might  still be valuable, if theycreate token creaturese....
    Other opportunities open up, like emptying your opponents deck - reshuffling your graveyard into the deck.
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