Returning to the game after a few years, not sure where to start.

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So first off, I uploaded my roster here

So much has changed since the last time I've played! My biggest issue right now is I've seen that you can now Champion heroes which seems to add more levels to a hero? (If anyone can explain this that would also help) so this has left my roster in a weird place as to what I should build towards next? 

I've also noticed some heroes have gotten extra abilities, have they also reworked some heroes ablities? 


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    The champion system basically means that once a character gets leveled to the max you can pay a one-time ISO fee to make them a champion. When you get a cover for them after that, it can be applied as a champion level, increasing their level by 1 with a corresponding Power boost. A two-star can get 50 champion levels, and their maximum level is therefore 144. Three-, four- and fivestars can get 100 champion levels and reach 266/370/550 respectively. You also get a reward for each champion level - usually ISO, but also tokens, covers and CP. You can also change the cover setup on a champion whenever you want.

    Yeah... fivestars are a thing now, but it's not something you need to worry about right now. Command Points (CP, the Little stars) is the main way to get fivestar covers, but for now you are probably better off just saving them and not opening or buying any Legendary tokens. Focus on the Three-star tier, then the fourstar tier, then you can start worrying about the fivestar tier.

    And yes, some characters have been reworked and revised. Can't go through all the Changes, it's probably easiest that you go to the Character Discussion forum and look up the ones you are interested in. Loki's new green ability is his best by the way, incredibly annoying. :)

    Another thing you should know about is the Bonus Hero system. When you get a Three-star or better from a token there is a chance you get Another cover of the same rarity. The Bonus Cover will be one of your favorite characters, a random color. Ideally, you want to set at least one character in each rarity as a favorite. To set them as a favorite, go to the roster list, take up their front page, and press the Little heart button so the heart turns yellow.

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    So if you want to start playing again, you'll need to play or buy lots of hero points to get new roster spots to fill every 2*, then every 3*, and etc.  Isos are your second concern, and I would join an public Alliance and play everything at least once to get some iso.  Even if you only played one match in a Lightning round, that's still 70 to 140 isos and only costs you about 2 minutes at most.  Get slots, save isos, build up the roster, and level them up once you are around 12-13 covers.

    DO NOT use your command points.  Command points are good, but they are also a bit of a trap because until a roster is ready, you won't have the slots to roster the 4*.  If you open a 5* and roster it, it screws up PVP match making.  As tempting as it is, DO NOT SELL 2*s or 3*s to roster 4 and 5's.  It will hurt you.

    Champion rewards and Tacos are the things that drive play on a daily basis and fuels growth in the game.