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1)Please remove the unnecessary tapping by putting all the match info/ribbons/ranking up/rewards under ONE check box.

For people that have ocd:
2) Please make, lets say 50 runes, the minimun leveling up ammount. Frustrating to be stuck  at 501 or 276 etc runes.
Same for crystals. I'm stuck with xxx9 and minimum reward is 5 crystals, so there is no way to make it even.

3) Add a 'edit deck' button in the window after the match is finished.

4) Maybe instead of showing each token enter the battlefield seperately, just put an icon saying "x2", "x4" etc. Same could be use for triggers.

5) If a creature is stolen and I destroy it/return it to hand, IT DOES NOT go to the opponents graveyard/hand !!

6) Indicate how many shields a support has in deck editing mode.

7) Remove the beginner decks if you can't make edits to them... just give one free deck slot, instead just wasting space.

8) Update some planeswalkers abilities to be more useful. Like Sorin's 1st ability to add at least 2 mana with 0 creatures and Arlin's 2nd to tutor for a Wolf or any creature but with lesser mana boost. etc


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    While 5 is different from paper I prefer it.
    Do you know how hard it is to deal with Scapheap Scavenger loops as it is? We _need_ options for different colours. White has cast out, Blue has steal, Black has exile, Red has very little and neither does Green.

    I'm not saying everything has to deal with everything, but making all the little creatures in Green stack messed up one of their big strategies and they were never given anything back.
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    6) Absolutely. We've been begging for this for ages.

    7) We need to be able to "earn" deck slots by completing these decks and then getting permission to edit them. But the numbers need to be equal on all planewalkers. Personally I'd be happy with 1 legacy and 1 standard deck slot for everyone and then the buyable ones currently on top, but just _something_. The example decks are useless as is.

    8) Sorin is meant to be reliant on creatures, his will work on any set and doesn't necessarily need fixing but I agree with the general point.
    Arlinn, 2 simple workable fixes have been suggested, change "werewolf" in all her text to "wolf or werewolf" would fix it, _or_ swap the middle abilities from her 2 sides, so she can summon werewolf tokens which would _then_ let you build up again and flip her. Either solution would fix her.(probably don't do both)
    Energy Chandra needs something to make her slightly less parasitic (If her other abilities are relying on her 1st to make the energy then that is very bad, but a change might make her _too_ good in an actual energy deck, don't know how to balance).
    Koth needs "Matches made from first ability cascades do not generate planewalker mana" or even just take off the restriction on him destroying red! Test it internally, see what happens!
    Are there any other big problems? Energy Nissa is fine, just really boring since it's basically energy versions of what Nissa 1 does anyway.

    3) Not "edit", but definitely "Look". You need to be able to plan and have a final chance to copy your deck, but it's deliberate that people can't change what they've just used in training grounds for good reason.

    1) Agree, that kind of things is annoying when you play constantly.

    2) I understand the problem. I can only set my TV volume to certain numbers like 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, if someone puts it on 13 it messes me up. I probably shouldn't have messed up the numbering in your list, sorry.

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    Kinesia said:

    Energy Chandra needs something to make her slightly less parasitic (If her other abilities are relying on her 1st to make the energy then that is very bad, but a change might make her _too_ good in an actual energy deck, don't know how to balance).
    After the three main walkers of that block (Chandra, Doin, and Nissa) were released, they said point blank that Chandra was designed to be played against other energy decks. She's supposed to be the energy removal planeswalker.

    The idea was a rock-paper-scissors thing that was a neat concept, but terrible in practice as its unlikely that your matches would ever line up properly, as well as the other two planeswalkers were able to be self sufficient while Chandra basically requires you to have Dynavolt Tower in order for her to be remotely playable with her abilities.

    Nissa was supposed to thrive off Dovin's massive energy generation, as exhibited with her ultimate ability, so should would likely beat him in a normal match up.

    Chandra was supposed to be able to beat Nissa as she would be able to remove energy that Nissa was creating, denying her resources.

    And Dovin was supposed to beat Chandra as his ability to generate energy was supposed to outpace her ability to remove it.

    Problem with Chandra is that if she's reliant on your opponent playing energy, she becomes immediately weaker once your opponent is not. This absolutely is an issue that needs to be addressed when they reassess the planeswalkers. Hopefully they can compile data regarding which planeswalkers are played the move to see if they need to have their power level brought down, and which are played the least to see if they need power levels bumped up.
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    That's really interesting history, thanks... But, yeah, it only works if those are the only 3 planeswalkers allowed in nodes (Which would be an interesting event for a once off!)
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    Fix the leaderboard -- coalition names shown are not actual coalition names -- when you click on them you see the real ones!
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