Rethink color pack bundles

James13James13 Posts: 635 Critical Contributor
At the moment, I've completely avoided the color pack bundles.  The current formatting makes them a terrible idea for money as you can just get the almost equivalent of pure crystals minus the packs for a better cash/crystal ratio.  In addition, the packs you get while themed are smaller in terms of cards/pack and provide no apparent better "looting" odds.  Meaning you are likely to get only rares/uncommons.

A quick fix to this scenario that would improve the attractiveness of the color pack bundle would be to introduce some sort of guaranteed (1 rare or better at a minimum).  Could potentially make it quite attractive as a cash purchase with a random colored mythic, but that may be too far(?).

As-is the colored pack bundle feels more like a trap than anything else.  It should ideally be better than pure crystal purchase rather than less efficient (crystal purchase could go purely toward premiums with the guarantee of rare or better in each).

Thanks for listening.


  • DrewsterDrewster Age Unconfirmed Posts: 116 Tile Toppler
    I liked the 45 crystal color packs... I miss those. The 29.99 packs (I've bought a few) I'm not a fan of because of the small amount of runes bundled in... I would buy more if about 3x more runes are bundled in.
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