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Cross device play not syncing.

JablesMcJablesMc Posts: 235 Tile Toppler
Weird, does anyone else play on both iOS and Android?
It's happened multiple times that I've cleared nodes and pulled tokens on one device, then played another match, and closed the app, only to switch devices and have it be like nothing happened.
Last night, I 4 cleared the pve sub, and pulled some tokens, then this morning beat the crash.
That was on an ipad.
Just know opened MPQ on my phone, lost all of that list, and yet, the point value on 2 cleared nodes were halved, and timers are going.
I had gotten vulture to 280 and a 13th yondu last night, then a black 5bit from the crash on ipad, just now on android, pulled the vulture again from crash, and the yondu.
Right, the LT for vulture came from a classic that got c&d to 280 last night.
So, here's my question.
Do we think this is a d3 cs problem, or might this be something demi should know about? Either way, I'll be sending an email to cs, but I'm thinking of both getting the C&D and 5bit, points and all, as well as who should here this info to look for a cause/fix.


E-mail sent with screen shots from Android phone, I don't have any from iPad.


When I got home from work and opened the Ipad app again, the lost covers were there, and synced properly. I may have lost out on a heroic, or elite, or some small progress in pve placement, but, nothing that I'm worried about. Issue resolved, and the e-mail chain with D3 said they have informed the developers of the larger issue.
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