Pay to Win



  • u do realize part of the appeal of puzzle quest is that there's a wide range of tournaments and quite possibly as a player, you won't be able to compete in all of them? i play tons, have lots of covers, am f2p, and even i sit out events (see dark avenger tourney). i have some 3***'s from winning tournaments and that's what i'm taking into this new tournament.
  • Zirtak
    Zirtak Posts: 92 Match Maker
    Agreed with forgrim. I haven't payed for covers and have still quite the collection of 3* characters. Sure, not all of them (still looking for Spidey, don't really miss Doom), none of them maxed, but still. I enjoy slowely getting better covers. Some are even pretty easy to obtain from tournaments, like IM40 and Black Widow. Paying for covers kinda feels like cheating: the easy way of getting there. I like the balance of paying / f2p of this game.