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We have nice variety of cool mechanics and cards, but there are cards that I would hope to see or have in my deck just for fun new combos. Definitely would like to have cards that could be against some of the super powerful cards like Olivia, Decimator of Provinces (or power 12 creatures) and Rattlechains in Training Grounds.

What kind of cards would you want to see ? Here are some of my ideas.:


4/5 Red creature, 17 mana.
Flying. When this attacks, it deals 1 damage to each creature opponent controls.

4/4 Red/Green creature, 16 mana.
Trample, haste. When this deals damage to opponent, destroy 1 support that player controls.

4/3 Green creature, 11 mana
When this attacks, convert 2 gems to green.
When this dies, convert 2 gems to green.

2/2 White/Blue creature, 6 mana
When this is reinforced, disable target creature until the beginning of your next turn.

4/4 Red/Black creature, 15 mana.
Flying. If opponent casts a third spell, this gets +4/+4 and deals 7 damage to that player. (Could be something similar in support form against Nicol Bolas etc. PVE encounters)

3/2 White creature, 13 mana
Activate 1: This gains defender, prevent damage and can block up to 3 creatures until the beginning of your next turn.

2/4 Black/Blue creature, 13 mana
When a support enters the battlefield, target creature gets -1/-1.

2/6 Black/Green Treefolk, 15 mana
Berserk, Regenerate 3 Activate 1: This gains reach until the beginning of your next turn.

1/3 Green creature, 9 mana
Reach. If this would block a creature with flying, it gains first strike and deathtouch until end of turn.


Support, 9 mana
The first creature you control gains +2/+0, berserk and trample. Whenever a creature you control dies, creatures in your hand gain 2 mana.

Support, 14 mana.
At the beginning of your turn gain 3 mana. At the end of each turn if three or more creatures entered the battlefield, destroy all creatures.

Support, 5 mana
If opponent had 3 or more swaps, gain 10 mana. If opponent had 5 or more swaps, gain 15 mana. When this is destroyed, your opponent loses 5 mana. (Could also be worded for cascades.. would be nice against Koth)

Support, 12 mana
Creatures lose and cannot gain lifelink, hexproof, berserk and flying. Whenever a creature with power 9 or greater attacks you, your first creature gains +10/+10 and defender until end of turn. (Crazy, but I wanted somekind of anti-Olivia/Decimator of Provinces card since they are the most unfun OP cards)

Support, 7 mana
At the beginning of your turn, convert one gem to your planeswalker's color. When your creature is reinforced, gain 2 life.


White/Blue spell, 10 mana
Target creature loses all it's abilites.

Blue spell, 9 mana.
Lose 5 mana then draw a card. That card gains 7 mana.

Blue/Red spell, 4 mana.
Switch target creatures power and toughness. Draw a card. (I want this kind of card so bad)

Green spell, 5 mana
Convert 4 gems to green and draw a card. (Would be nice also as a creature)

White/Green spell, 17 mana.
Prevent all damage done to you until the beginning of your next turn.

Green spell, 5 mana
Target creature gains +1/+3 and regenerate 3. (alternatively, "Activate 1: This creature is restored to full health.)

And even though I hate vanilla creatures with a passion, something like this would be funny to encourage those otherwise useless creatures:

Spell, 5 Target creature without abilities gets +3/+3 (Maybe +trample, so the spell couldn't be spammed =)

ps. Would be amazing if D3 would make "Create your own card" competition.

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