Idea for an AP generator power for a future character.

   Just spitballing here. Have an idea for a fun AP generator power. It would most likely be purple and just for this example let’s just say the other two powers for this character are blue and red. This power’s effect would depend on the colors of the individual tiles in each corner of the board. Basically if any of the corner tiles are the same color then the line of tiles between them will be converted to blue and red tiles.
   So, If the top left and bottom left corners are the same colors then the left most column would be converted to red and blue. If opposite corners are the same color then it would make a diagnal of red and blue (probably least ideal). If three corners are the same then it would convert the diagnal and the two sides, essentially making a big triangle. If all corners are the same color then all four sides of the board and a big “X” in the middle would be converted to red and blue tiles. If no corners are the same color then maybe either its converts some randoms tiles to red and blue or maybe you just can’t fire the power.
   What do you people think? If it’s too op maybe the character can be stunned after it’s use like Model 40.

P.S. I’m not than familiar with EVERY character in the game yet so if this is already a power my bad.


  • Bowgentle
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    Have fun explaining that to players in that tiny box you have available.

    Way too convoluted.
  • SpawnSoloBROKE
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    Bowgentle said:
    Have fun explaining that to players in that tiny box you have available.

    Way too convoluted.
    Well most of it was explaining what would happen in certain situations. The effect would simply be along the lines of “tiles between corners of the same color are converted to red and blue”. Not too difficult.
  • Jaedenkaal
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    Convoluted wording aside, lets have a look at how this would play out in practice. For the record, the powers in MPQ that create colored tiles tend to create 7-9 of them, depending on cost and predictability of effect.

    The "x in a box' possibility translates to 40 tiles converted to Red and Blue. 20 each, presumably. That's 5/8ths of the board. I don't think there would be any way to balance that outcome, regardless of how rare it is.

    The 3-corners "triangle" outcome translates to 21 tiles converted to Red and Blue, roughly 10 each. Still double anything anyone can currently do. Seems unlikely, but, keep in mind that there are at least two powers out there already that convert chosen tiles to a predictable color (Magneto - Polarity Shift and Black Widow - Deceptive Tactics). Targeted board destruction could also result in an improved ability to control the colors of the corners.

    2-corners, converting 8 tiles (not counting the ones that were already Red or Blue, presumably, unless there's a chance to convert a Red tile to a Blue one or vice versa), on average 4 of each, is at least a reasonable effect. Mystique already has a similar power, although she converts 9 tiles to either Purple or Black.

    However, the power as you describe it is, I think, not develop-able. 

    1) If, at minimum, the power can't be cast, then it's probably unplayable due to the insane variance
    2) If, at minimum, the power can be cast for some modest effect, then it's probably still unplayable due to the absurd upside.