PVP win based progression - A new Suggestion


From reviewing the various forums, I can see that there are a great many people whom are happy with the concept of the win based progression, however they are not happy with the execution of this and the movement of the CP's from 1200 to a placement finish.

But what can be done about this? lower the win mark, bring the CP back in? how about run both PVP's?

The concept is simple, have a 2nd tab for PVE (Versus 1 and Versus 2 for lack of better names) and then run one as the win based progression and the other and the points based progression.

This way, if you want to grind X amount of wins to get the rewards then you can have at it, if you want to run the gauntlet of points progression then that is there for you too.

Obviously you would be locked into one or the other for the season (choice wisely) and on the off season you can switch between them (but be locked into the one you have joined)

There we have it, a simple solution to a issue that has generated a little bit of heat on these forums.

What do people think. too simple or just something that D3 would never go for?



  • larzilla
    larzilla Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    Either lower the wins needed and bring back cp, or this is fine.  Not even a complaint anymore this season has dramatically made me lose interest in the game.