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Unable to upload an ss, but when I just got the Chandra Malaria Planeswalker, the matchmaker pitted me against a level 32 Nissa for my next battle. My Chandra is a level 2.  My Garruck was being pitted against people like 15+ levels above him, and this occurred after a 7 in a row win streak from a previous Training Grounds play. I'm not sure if cs reads these, but I'm glad I decided to hold off buying anything. Won't toss my money in a paper shredder, which this is trying to do, because how do I know I'll get anything but **** I don't want? Perhaps peeps would spend more if they had a chance to kill some opponent. I guess the mentality is to try to get people to buy, however it really backfired, and will keep doing so until this issue is addressed.


  • SicoraxSicorax Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    That would be Chandra Nalar and no idea about the tiny Kitty. Alas, I found no icon to let me edit my post.
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    This is, unfortunately, yet another of the problems with the event deck slot for Training Grounds.

    If there isn't a deck registered close enough to you level, it'll match you with the lowest one it can, which sometimes is 20 levels higher than you. This matchmaking system for training grounds needs to be adjusted, and it ought to just look for any deck near your level from your tier mastery or lower.
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