Is Gambit working as intended?


This… is not a post to discuss Gambit OPness…. We can leave that for another day, but for asking just what is in the tittle, is he working has intended? Here is my problem, check this two skills:


  • 7 Red AP
  • Gambit (Modern) at level 166, power level 5
    • Gambit charges up a killer hand of cards. Destroy up to 2 random Charged or basic tiles, dealing an extra 520 damage for each Charged title destroyed this way. Then create 2 Charged tiles.



  • 9 Blues AP
  • Riri Williams
    • Rirr uses magnetic repulsors in her gaulents to disarm her opponents, Deals 2,543 damage and attracts 4 random basic or enemy special titles to the center, then coverts the center 4 titles to Red Charged titles.

Gambit ALLWAYS target the charged titles no matter what, while Riri MIGHT target enemy special titles, why does Gambits skill ALLWAYS work while Riri MIGHT work while both have the Random word on it? Is this all right? I think not. You might argue the word Charged is before basic while in Riri case is other way around, but this does not change the fact than this skills should be random, so Gambit should once in a while even if the board is has 20 charge titles and not allways target charged titles first, in this case, so do should Riri.

P.D: sorry for bad english :(


  • vinsensual
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    A magnet's behavior is harder to predict than a 5* thief whose specialty is throwing cards with accuracy.  
  • sinnerjfl
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    The descriptions of the abilities in this game are full of ambiguity so it's not surprising you're confused.

    Gambit should probably state it always destroys charged tiles if there are present, if not destroy basic tiles. This is how it's supposed to work.

    Riri on the other hand might destroy specials, she doesnt really target anything specifically, she pick tiles at random and puts them in the middle.
  • sambrookjm
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    A magnet's behavior is harder to predict than a 5* thief whose specialty is throwing cards with accuracy.  
    As the great scientists in the Insane Clown Posse have asked - "Tinykitty Magnets.  How do they work? " :)
  • Jaedenkaal
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    Yeah, it's interesting that they're worded essentially the same way, but function differently. On the other hand, it's a good thing Gambit prioritizes charged tiles otherwise Aces & Eights would be a pretty darn bad power. Likewise, I think Magnetic Repulsors (attractors?) would probably be too good if it prioritized enemy specials, as it's pretty darn good as it is.
  • Jarvind
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    While vague wording has always been a problem, the intended functionalities seem pretty clear to me. Gambit is supposed to create and then pinpoint target his own charged tiles, whereas Riri is supposed to do some damage and probably cause a big red match explosion at the center. If she happens to grab an enemy special or two, that's gravy.