New Versus Event - Sakaar Arena (10/26/17)

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Hi Everyone, 

Starting on Friday, October 27th, an all-new Versus event is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest! 

Team-up with Thor in these 20-person, 90 minute Lightning Rounds to earn Iso-8, Standard, Elite, and Heroic tokens. Points earned from these events will be added to your total Sakaar Arena score. At the end of the event, players will earn a number of tokens and Iso-8, based on their placement. Players can get 2-Stars, 3-Stars, 4-Stars, and 5-Stars (including Thor (Gladiator)) from these tokens. 

See below for more details: 

Sakaar Arena 
  • Starts Friday, October 27th, 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 5:00pm UTC
  • Ends Thursday, November 2nd, 9:30am PDT / 12:30pm EDT / 4:30pm UTC
  • 1,000 person leaderboards
  • Rewards tokens to the Sakaar Arena Cover Store

Sakaar Arena: Thor 
  • 90-minutes-long Versus Event
  • Runs 72 times over 6 days
  • 20 person leaderboards
  • Power-Up Characters
    • Thor (Marvel NOW!)
    • Thor (Modern)
    • Thor (Goddess of Thunder)
    • Thor (Gladiator) (in later runs of the event)
  • Loans Thor (Modern), but any variant of Thor can be used
  • Progression and Placement rewards based on existing Lightning Rounds
Sakaar Arena Cover Store
  • The only way to get tokens is by competing in Sakaar Arena
  • 5-Star (0.2%)
    • Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme)
    • The Hulk (Bruce Banner)
    • Thor (Gladiator)
  • 4-Star (6%)
    • 3x that for Latest 4-Star characters
  • 3-Star (23.2%)
  • 2-Star (70.6%)
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