Everything disappeared :-o

Lampo Posts: 121 Tile Toppler
Some hours ago I was playing MPQ when my tablet run out of battery.
When I turned it on again, and started playing again, EVERYTHING was lost. No characters, covers, ISO, HP... nothing. Like starting again from 0. This had already happened to me, but at maximum I had lost that single battle, nothing more.
I sent a ticket, but I hope that a restore will be quick, since I was about at day 720, and I don't want to lose the (hopefully) good prizes they have for me at the Daily Shield Resupply... (like Silver Surfer at day 720).
I will probably lose Nightcrawler and everything in these days, but, please, be quick! (and restore my 590 Taco tokens...)

Any suggestion from the forum users? Anything I can do to restore or speed up the process?