5-Stars in Heroes for Hire (10/24/17)

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Hi Everyone,

As many of you might have noticed, we have recently started incorporating 5-Star Essential characters in many of the recent Story Events. Following this change, we would like to try something new with the Heroes for Hire store, in order to provide additional opportunities for players to acquire these essential 5-Stars. 

Starting with the Meet Rocket & Groot event, a cover of the Essential 5-Star will be available in the Heroes for Hire store (along with all the other normal offers in there.) Instead of opening token after token, trying to find that one specific cover, you'll now be able to acquire it for a flat CP amount.

In addition, please note that this is a trial run, and not a finalized feature, so this could be discontinued in the future.

Here are the details:
  • 5-Star from Essential mission in the current Story Mission
  • Available during the entire duration of the event being run
  • A single cover is available
    • Starts with the first cover from the top, and cycles through them from top to bottom
  • Cover can be acquired with Command Points
    • 500 CP for Latest 5-Star
    • 250 CP for Classic 5-Star
  • Includes 50,000 Iso-8
  • Visible to players at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 32 or higher
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