What's the optimal amount of iso to invest in a character before selling?

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So I used to soft cap and have a few doubles lying around. I want to get rid of the to open up some slots.  What's the best amount of iso to invest in so that I'll come up on top when I sell? Most are fully covered 3*. Thanks


  • Dormammu
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    Coming out on top isn't really an option as you're always going to invest way more iso into a character than they'll ever be worth selling. You get the most iso back after they're max-champed (105,000), but for a 3-star cover that's a pretty big net iso loss when you consider the initial champing cost and the cover value that goes into max-champing, plus the cover values of creating a dupe.

    Selling a max-covered 3-star with no iso invested in it gets you 500 ISO... which is the value of a single 3-star cover.
  • Roland113
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    One thought to add, if you're looking to sell three star covers, sell them right after they've been reworked.  Right now, you'll get more for Psylocke than you would normally.