How long do PvP defensive losses stay in our queue?

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I’ve been attacked and lost at least a dozen times. However, when I went to retaliate, only 3 were available to retaliate against. Where did the rest go? Do they disappear after a certain amount of time?

I normally don't retaliate, so this is unfamiliar territory for me.


  • Infrared
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    They stay there until one of the following happens:
    • the app is forcefully terminated by the user
    • the app is terminated by the device because memory is needed by other apps
    • the app is reset due to a data update from the server
    • the app is reset due to updating to a new version
    In all cases, you will see the app loading screen. Today, there were two data updates from the server that I know of. So that's why your queued retaliations are gone. The 3 visible retaliations nodes on the screen are less fragile and only go away when a new app version is installed, I think.

    My own 2 cents is that this is bad for the user experience. The game presents itself in a way that makes you think your entire game state is preserved even if you quit the app, but actually there are these little details that are lost.