Weekly "Puzzles"

KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,620 Chairperson of the Boards
Some of the other games I play have weekly Puzzles, including Marvel Puzzle Quest.
(In that one they are basically the only part of the game I still play now I've moved here.)

Playing parts of Story again reminds me that that kind of thing is perfectly possible here too.

There are multiple different possibiliities (some more complicated to organise than others, but you can make them all in advance and just feed out different things slowly over time.)

I'm trying to include "ways to motivate people to spend money" in my criteria, so you company folk actually think the effort is a good idea.

Have a hard boss fight like one of the end bosses in Story that you have to defeat with a specific planeswalker that is currently in the vault (to pressure people who don't have them yet to get them). Bring your own deck, you can adjust it and defeat them over the week.

Have a deck you are forced to use in a boss fight that's really hard to win with but is possible with a bit of skill and luck. (But absolutely not just "lots of luck, you need cascades to actually do this")

(This one would take the longest to organise) Have a set game-state already in play, cards on the board, cards in both players hands (or not, if that is part of the challenge) that you have to work out how to win. (It could be "win this turn", or it could just be "win from this point")

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