2.2.3 Patch Notes (10/20/17)

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the patch notes for the 2.2.3 update!

New Masterpiece Booster Packs
We have updated the schedule to include new Rare+ and Mythic+ Masterpiece Boosters from the Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, and Amonkhet card sets! These will alternate rotating in and out just like the previous sets.

Changes to The Return of the God-Pharaoh
This has been a hot-button topic for quite some time in the community, and there was a lot of feedback we took into consideration. Many players felt that the 4 hour recharge rates offered a lot more opportunities to play, however at the expense of a more pressured schedule.

We still want to increase the number of chances players have to complete those challenging matches, but we also want to prevent players from potentially feeling burnt out. That's why we've decided to adjust not only the recharge rate, but the progression reward structure, and the Boss health.
  • Recharge Rate: 4 Hours -> 6 Hours
  • Boss Health: 3,750,000 -> 3,000,000
  • Personal Progression Rewards: 750 Ribbons -> 600 Ribbons

*Breakdown of Ribbon Distribution*

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