Absynthia looking for members.

versemage Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
Casual coalition, honestly don't know alot about standings, rankings or goals, just thought I'd throw together a coalition. Wouldn't mind working with some other players towards making a showing. Open membership.


  • Copy-paste from other topic.

    I am AhlissaNeht in game, i have 1 masterpiece card, 33 mythic and 100+ rares,  PW's: Nissa sage animist 60lvl, Lilliana defiant necromancer 60 lvl, jace telepath unbound 60lvl, gideon battle-forged 60lvl, chandra roaring flame 60 lvl, tezzeret the schemer 60 lvl, nicol-bolas 60lvl, sorin grim nemezis 57 lvl. Also i have kiora master of the depths, liliana last hope, huatli warrior-poet and garruk wildspeaker all at 1 lvl.
    I have good cards, but i have problems with creating good deck. I am seeking noob-friendly, casual coalition for getting rewards better from events and for help with decks.
    Now i am in silver tier, i usually can win at training grounds, but i have problems in across ixalan.