New X-Men and Nightcrawler Boosts! (10/17/17)

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Hi Everyone,

For the release of Nightcrawler we will be introducing two new Power Boosts to the game: X-Men Damage and Nightcrawler Damage. These boosts will increase the match and power damage dealt by X-Men and Nightcrawler by 20% (can be stacked up to 5 times each). For a limited time, you can earn these in events or purchase them with Hero Points!

How to Get Them
  • Earned as mission rewards in The Hunt and Thick as Thieves
    • X-Men boosts are found in Hard missions
    • Nightcrawler Boosts are found in the 4-Star required mission
  • Can be purchased with Hero Points in the Boosts screen before entering a battle
    • X-Men Damage Boosts can be purchased for 200 Hero Points
    • Nightcrawler Damage Boosts can be purchased for 100 Hero Points
  • A stack of ten Boosts are purchased at once
  • First available to be purchased 10/18
  • Will only be available to purchase until 10/26

How Does It Work?

  • All Match and Power damage in increased by 20%
    • X-Men Damage Power Boost increases damage for all characters with the X-Men Affiliation
    • Nightcrawler Damage Power Boost increases damage for Nightcrawler (Classic)
  • Each Boost can be stacked 5 times
  • Both boosts can be applied to Nightcrawler (Classic) at the same time to allow him to do 200% more damage!

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