Updates to S.H.I.E.L.D. Training (10/17/17)

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Hi Everyone,

S.H.I.E.L.D. Training will be returning for the release of Nightcrawler, and with it come a few changes that have been made since the last run of this event.

  • After completing the Join Forces mission, both the top-row missions and the first Individual Training mission are unlocked.
  • For the character and Call for Backup missions, completing a mission unlocks the mission directly under it.
  • The first row of missions does not have a character level restriction. Required characters have a level restriction of 120 in the second row, and the third row has a level restriction of 209.

Increased the Iso-8 rewarded in the...
  • Join Forces! missions to 500 Iso-8 (previously 100 Iso-8)
  • Top three character missions to 250 Iso-8 (previously 100 Iso-8)
  • Middle three character missions to 500 Iso-8 (previously 250 Iso-8)
  • Bottom three character missions to an event token (previously 500 Iso-8)

  1. First Required character mission column
  2. Second Required character mission column
  3. Third Required character mission column
  4. Call for Backup mission column
  5. Individual Training mission row
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