In Game Patch Notes

Since we established in another thread that the forum population only makes up less than 1% of the total game population, I think it would be valuable to have a screen somewhere in-game for players to view the latest patch notes, or maybe just a link to the updates thread on this forum.

I can imagine many players are confused when things just start behaving differently with no explanation. Even though it's an intended change it may appear to them as a bug.


  • Or at least a link to the patch notes on the forum. I know I personally had trouble finding this. I think when I googled it, I found a link to it on Marvel's Avengers Alliance Forum. icon_e_smile.gif
  • Nemek
    Nemek Posts: 1,511
    I agree with this, too. A few minutes ago a thread popped up about a guy quitting due to bugs. Half the things listed weren't bugs...

    When I first started playing, it took me awhile to find the forum. Nowadays, it looks like it's closer to the top of the google search list.