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Like most of my fellow MTG Puzzel Questers, I am hungry for new content. New cards, new events, new game modes, new planeswalkers, new purchaseables, or even just some development info. I know things are going to be slow while Oktogon gets up to speed, and rightly so. So I got to thinking: What can we as a community do to keep people interested? How about some sort of “offline” deck building contest? Or a daily puzzle or riddle? Or share stories about recent or exciting matches? Basically, what kind of content can we create that doesn’t require development or info from D3GO or Oktagon?

Deck Building Ideas:
Make a deck using only cards that mention or depict a respective planeswalker. For example, a Chandra deck with all Chandra cards
“Hat Draft” A favorite amongst streamers, make a deck with only cards depicting hats or characters wearing hats.
Pauper decks
Standard Colorless deck
3+ color deck using only mono-colored cards. For example: What would YOUR Nicol Bolas deck look like?
Design a Planeswalker! One of my favs is Ral Zemik from Ravnica block. What would his abilities be and what sort of deck would I build?
Janky Rare deck: Build a deck out of cards you’ve never even considered using and give it a run in training grounds. Then report back on interesting/surprising plays

Daily puzzle ideas:
Create a scenario that players have to think their way out of. For Example: You are any planeswalker and are at 1 health, and your opponent has 20. You opponent has 2 creatures out which are each 5/5s with defender. You have 3 cards in hand, and they are all creatures. You can activate any of your planeswalker abilities, but only one (as per normal). You can cast all of the creatures and any subsequent cards drawn. Go.
Whoever can do it with the least amount of cards/total CMC of cards wins a chicken dinner.

Share a story:
One of my most memorable cascades was with my good friend Koth. In short, got something like 11 cascades generating a staggering 120ish mana and 30 planeswalker loyalty. I had Hangarback Walker out so I got a mighty army of thopters online. The mana was spent towards casting 2 Abbot’s of Keral Keep, which fueled the cascade. Twas pretty epic.


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