Hazard Tiles ignore 5* Thanos purple "Infinite Power"

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When 5* Thanos has his purple countdown out, "no tiles may be destroyed or changed except by Thanos".  This power affects allies and enemies alike, but Hazard Tile countdowns can still destroy rows and columns.

If this is intended behavior, the power text should probably be updated.

(Reported to customer support as well.)
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    I would rather it be the opposite way personally.  That this is working as intended and the fact that other moves (like Executive Decision) is treating them as countdown tiles is the bug.  Either way devs need to decide if these are consider countdown tiles or not and make it consistent across all moves.
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    Hey Guys, it appears that what you've described is a known issue. The developers are still discussing on whether to change the functionality to include or the power description to exclude hazard tiles. I can't confirm which one will be changed, but I can let you know that they are aware and working on the issue.
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