Friggin' Maggia

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Hi, all. Newbie here. I've been playing for a little over a week, with some stumbles along the way, but I've been grinding pretty steadily through the prologue. Until now. I managed the first round of Maggia in the Dark Avengers section pretty well with Original Black Widow, Dark Avengers Ares, and Classic Hawkeye, but the Don just dismantles me every time. I've tried swapping out OBW for the Modern version, since her stun is at max, but it doesn't make much difference. Any tips?


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    I remember that back in the day when I played the prologue, there were missions too difficult for my roster at the time.

    I'd suggest just taking the leap to the other two tabs (Story and Versus Events) and cleaning up the prologue once you've expanded your roster.

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    Start playing STORY mode and let the prologue wait for a while. Don't be afraid of the first gateway node into story if the enemies look too menacing - you're given loaner characters that can deal with them. Pick an appropriate SCL (shield clearance level) and you'll be able to handle the enemies with your own roster after that. STORY mode (or PvE) is where rosters are built. Also make sure you go as far as you can in DDQ every day. Hoard your ISO, it may seem like you're swimming in it for a while, but you're going to need millions. Dabble in VERSUS (PvP) mode but don't sweat it if you can't get very far yet. Chase tokens - any tokens you can get. Don't spend your HP (gold coins) on anything other than roster slots. Expand your roster.

    Then go back to prologue and finish it up later.
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    Thanks, guys! I appreciate it!
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    Good luck and don't be a stranger to the forums. A lot of great information and helpful people here.
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    I did that not long ago. For the prologue, make sure the heroes you use are fully leveled and have the most covers possible. (except BW, i think you only put two in purple?)

    I used a lot BW, IM and Jugg (when you can). Also, Wolvy and Daken, you get some covers automatically from the missions.

    One thing that might not seem, but for damage, fully covered 1* are better then a 2* with only 1-2 covers. Since you get most of the damage via the powers.